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Fapy Lafertin is the expert's expert and musician's musician of Jazz Manouche. His tremendous technique, gorgeous tone and deep appreciation of melody and its story are unmatched. Fapy started playing music at age five and, like many Sinti and Manouche musicians, began his career in a family band. In the 70s and 80s, Fapy with Koen de Cauter led a revival of worldwide popularity of the music of Django Reinhardt. Fapy now tours, records and teaches in the Netherlands, inspiring new generations of audiences and musicians in the love of jazz guitar.

Jump jive  & Django ©  is pleased and excited to participate in the Django Sur Lennon festival in Ramelton, County Donegal, Ireland.  Django Sur Lennon has completed its third year of celebrating the music of the great Django Reinhardt in this picturesque village on the River Lennon.  The 2018 festival fully over-delivered on its promise to be a fantastic musical experience and the 2019 festival is looking even more exciting and enticing! 

With some of the world's greatest ambassadors of Jazz Manouche in attendance, music will delight foot-stomping, cheering, awed and enthralled audiences from dusk till the wee hours of the next morning every day.  As if this weren't enough, Django Sur Lennon is offering something totally new for September 2019: an amazing master class series brought to you by of some of our planet's best creative artists in Jazz Manouche, Swing Gitan, Gypsy Jazz, and all points in between!  Get ready to be dazzled by this year's line-up of incomparable artists!

As if it weren't enough to host the legendary leading lights and rising stars of Gypsy Jazz at Django Sur Lennon, plus master classes taught by the musicians you admire, we are now also giving you... your own guitar, and teaching you how to play it like no one else!

Yes, the best wee Jazz Manouche festival on the planet just got better.  Django Sur Lennon is raffling off an Eimers guitar!  The reserve is €2500.00. 

And for all you lovers of Jazz Manouche, Django Sur Lennon is doing the totally unprecedented: raffling off one of the rare seats at Sinti Jazz Guitar Camp!  The reserve is €600.00. 

The raffle drawings will be held at Ramelton Town Hall on Saturday, September 28, 2019.  The raffle ticket price is €20.  Enter any time before the draw (and as many times as you like) to win!

All raffle proceeds go to Django Sur Lennon, PPS 3539345NH, a non-profit organization with registration in the Republic of Ireland.

For more information, please check out the Django Sur Lennon website or Django Sur Lennon Facebook page.